How to Make Your Content Go Viral

Getting your content to go viral is just the same as winning the jackpot and nothing could be further from the truth. There are many ways to make your content go viral but one of the most effective is guest blogging.

Viral content begins to work for you on autopilot, once your brand is exposed to a whole new audience that you couldn’t ever quite reach initially. 

Guest Posting

One of the best ways of making content go viral is to look for guest blogging opportunities that enable you to market your brand and increase exposure.

Benefits in Guest Posting

  • Builds your online influence.
  • Can lead to quality traffic.
  • Creates exposure and stimulates social media shares.
  • Improves your portfolio.
  • Expands your personal network.

Here’re Some Tips on How You Can Do It

  • Motivate your readers and connect with them. 
  • Know and study your audience.
  • Search for guest blogging websites that are related to your line of business and expertise.
  • Influence your readers with strategies that have been proven to work and include examples (i.e. infographics, statistics, case studies, photography, etc).
  • Check the Domain authority of the website you will blog on, and ensure that they have a high performance rate and higher traffic than yours.
  • Inspire your readers by sharing quotes and success stories from influencers, successful entrepreneurs and even successful start up strategies. Research and networking is key. If you do it right you will see amazing changes.
  • Ensure that your content holds relevant material and quality that will be of use to the readers.
  • Focus on creating  original content that raises eyebrows and grabs the attention of the readers.
  • If your material is based on detailed research or technical analysis, ensure that you check the facts and simplify the content as much as possible. 
  • Always be accessible and reliable.

Free Sites That Invite You To Submit Your Guest Posts

Harvard Business Review                          YFS Magazine                HubSpot             BizWiz                                       Big Guest Posting                     The Guardian 

Google SEO Trends               Roohome      Mashable                   StartupBros

If you create helpful and informative content that reflects your expertise for your audience and distribute it using the above strategies, it will increase your chances of sending it viral. 

Start today!